Company history

Tradition obliges
Since the foundation of GEWA in 1925 by Georg Walther in the area called „vogtländischer Musikwinkel“ in and around Adorf (a region in Saxony famous for its musicians and manufacturers of musical instruments), continuous improvement of our products and services as well as focus on the individual needs of our customers have been given top priority. This principle has also been adhered in the 1950s when the company moved to Mittenwald/Bavaria due to the consequences of World War II.

Since tradition obliges it stood to reason to relocate headquarters - in favour of a large European main warehouse - back to Adorf after the political changes in November 1989.The merging of administration, sales and logistics was completely finished in June 2010.

Today, the GEWA company not only has subsidiaries in all important export markets but also holds substantial shares in Asian factories of musical instruments that enable a world-wide marketing of lots of GEWA products.

Currently, GEWA GmbH employs more than 250 qualified members of staff in the areas production, product management, sales, purchasing, administration, accounting, marketing and logistics. And they all share one passion: The love for music.

Innovative products
Based on a profound experience in manufacturing and distributing string bow and fretted instrument, cases and bags as well as in processing premium materials into novel products the GEWA company has submitted lots of patent applications. Thanks to the continuing training and mentoring of our employees and its partners, this quality standard can also be ensured in the future. Today the company sees itself as a partner of the European specialised trade. The product range regarding mechanical-acoustic musical instruments with its respective accessories has been consequently developed and currently contains more than 35.000 items.

Social responsibility
Social responsibility has an important and substantial tradition within the GEWA company and is backed up by the knowledge that prosperity, education and reputation are created in a concerted effort of all employees of the company. This was also expressed by Georg Walther, founder of the company, as he created optimal working conditions already back in the 30ies. On this note, the generations have passed down the responsibility for both the production and for the people that work in it.

Environmental protection and health & safety at work
GEWA GmbH and its subsidiaries are greatly committed to protect both the environment as well as the safety and well-being of its employees. This sense of responsibility is part of GEWA's business culture and firmly established in its guiding principles.

To protect the environment and for the safety of our staff GEWA fulfills the obligations required by law for its national and international production sites. The preservation of a sound environment for future generations is an imperative principle when planing new products and production plants.

Success story
The GEWA GmbH counts on a long-lasting relationship with its customers and suppliers based on mutual trust. The planing and implementing of strategic and operational goals is always executed in consideration of tradition coupled with contemporary thinking.

Then – Now – Tomorrow.