Company principles

Customer focus
Our actions are defined by the demands and expectations of our customers. An essential contribution to the success of our customers is our pronounced passion for our products combined with attention to detail.

We face the market with its constant changes and progress by offering innovative and sophisticated products in all areas. By continuously improving our products and services we increase the customer value and sustain our competitive situation.

Our staff is of the utmost importance to us. Understanding and respect among each other are the key for a well working environment within an international team. We value the cultural and country-specific experiences of each employee.

Our management team stands for a progressive way of thinking and acting coupled with sustaining the solid, traditional foundation. Team spirit and the mentoring of every employee of the company take high priority within GEWA. Entrepreneurial decisions are thoroughly planned and implemented in-depth.

Our company, its subsidiary companies as well as the factories we hold a stake in are committed to the protection of the environment. The responsible handling with all resources is part of all our actions. In this regard we oppose the use of materials and substances detrimental to health and environment.

Long-term orientation
After more than 80 years GEWA GmbH will also stay true to its tradition in the future. Our ongoing policy of tightly-knit world-wide cooperations, alliances and partnerships serves to support our customers in the best way possible and ensures effectively the company's success.