Originally founded in 1925 as Case and Bag manufacturer GEWA music GmbH is meanwhile successful in many other fields of musical instruments. Despite all the other activities the true core and soul of GEWA is our passion for manufacturing cases for high class Stringed bow instruments. This dedication drives us to constantly new developments that sometimes
have become standards and more often it has been mimicked. Countless patents are registered under the GEWA name and simply show how we care about details and our open ear for the needs of our users.

GEWA swivel bow holder, flex/fix bow bridge, GEWA neck support, the Jaeger shape and many more. Diligent selection of material and the literally indestructibility of our cases have earned us an excellent reputation among the leading musicians of their time. Elisabeth Pitcairn, Midoi, Jan Vogler, Frank Peter Zimmermann, Mira Wang, just to name a few, put their priceless instruments in the trusted protection of GEWA cases.

This is our goal and our promise. A GEWA case is with you and your every step along your journey. No matter where your path leads you, you can rely on our cases.

In general, all GEWA cases are devised, designed, developed and initially built and tested in Adorf/Vogtland. The production in our German workshop in Adorf, the Air, Idea and Strato line as well as the renowned JAEGER cases reflect our quality standards. The case lines BIO-S, Concerto and Maestro are produced in our factory in China under German supervision.

Product Manager Bags & Cases
Werner Häcker

Werner Häcker