About KAT Percussion

Kat Percussion began as a small company back in 1985. Owner Bill Katoski and his partner Mario DeCiutiis had a vision to create the best and most innovative electronic drum products the world had ever seen. That goal to make professional e-drum products at the highest level of playability and performance is still alive and well today. When Bill sold the company to Mario in the early 90's the company was renamed Alternate Mode. Mario DeCiutiis, known for his creative thinking and boundless energy is still the chief innovator at Alternate Mode. Over the years, DeCiutiis has developed many innovative and revolutionary electronic drums and mallet percussion products including the malletKAT, panKAT, drumKAT and TrapKAT.

Even in the early days of electronic drum development, DeCiutiis understood that the feel and response of the instrument was every bit as important as its sound, so he spent years developing electronic pad surfaces that responded like the original acoustic instrument. As a result, Alternate Mode's products are widely known as some of the most musically satisfying electronic instruments on the market today.